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Gentle Yoga Download

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A 1-hour gentle yoga session with relaxing flute music in a beautiful setting… The postures are drawn from Synergy, Iyengar and Sivananda yoga. You will receive a link to download.

Mother’s Heart

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Peaceful instrumental music with flute, guitar and piano. Great music for massage or to help you fall asleep. You will receive a download link.

Walk With The Angels

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Upbeat songs on the theme of angels… and jazz instrumentals with flute, guitar and conga drum: Danceable Joy! You will receive a download link.

Peace Chants

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Songs and chants from many different sacred traditions: easy to learn and easy to sing! You will receive a download link.

True Self

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Sacred chants in Sanskrit followed by devotional songs in English. Nice accompaniment for yoga and meditation. You will receive a download link. If you prefer a hard copy of the CD (also $8.00), please email Thank you!

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